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5 Reasons Employers Should Hire Tennis Players

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If you’re a tennis player on the job hunt, your background in the sport could be the very thing that gets you hired. Why should a hiring manager consider a tennis player over any other candidate? Because tennis players innately possess some of the top qualities interviewers look for in potential employees. Even if you’re new to the working world and are worried that you don’t have enough experience, you can take solace in knowing that as a player you’ve developed some of the traits every business professional should have. Whether you’re a college player seeking opportunities come graduation or a former player teaching tennis on the side while looking for a full-time job, your knowledge of and passion for the game make you a top contender for any position. Ace your next job interview by showing why, as a tennis player, you would be an asset to the company.

You solve problems

Employers want to hire people who can make decisions quickly, especially in the face of adversity. In tennis matches, players must constantly make decisions on the fly — whether strategically selecting the next shot or evaluating their opponent’s coming move. You’re used to identifying a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and determining the most effective way to win a match. You’re analytical, you think on your feet (quite literally) and you’re able to find alternative solutions when, let’s say, that down-the-line forehand isn’t working. Your problem-solving skills within a competitive, high-intensity atmosphere will easily transfer over to the workplace.

You’re flexible

Companies and industries are always changing, thus flexibility is a key trait among desirable employees. As a tennis player, you’re able to adapt when confronted with new challenges, even under pressure. Each opponent plays differently than anyone you’ve played before, and you must readjust your plan of action in order to win. You’ve dealt with players switching strategy midway through the second set, so you know that adaptability is key to remaining calm if the game starts to slip from your control. Managers look for candidates who can perform well under any circumstance, and the flexibility you’ve gained from years of competition puts you at an advantage.

You work hard

Bosses want more than the bare minimum from employees; they want staff who will go above and beyond what is asked. From tennis lessons to strength training to all those early mornings, you’ve pushed yourself to become the best player you could be. You’ve set goals for yourself and worked hard to accomplish them. You have a genuine desire to get better and often that has meant staying late after a lesson to hit a basket of serves or waking up early to condition. No stranger to hard work, a tennis player is more than prepared to enter the professional world. Employers will find tennis players have go-getter attitudes and are eager to take on extra responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm.

You’re self-motivated

A dream candidate is one who is self-motivated and committed to his or her own goals. Self-motivation is an essential trait of any tennis player because you compete in a highly individual sport. Often, you’re on the court alone and must act independently. You can’t blame anyone else for your shortcomings. You accept responsibility for your own losses and use what you’ve learned from those failures to become more self-aware and improve as player. You don’t need much encouragement because your desire to succeed comes from within and you have the ability to instill confidence in yourself. Managers want employees who need little supervision, and a tennis player will naturally have the desire to set goals and accomplish tasks without being told to do so.

You’re passionate

Companies are successful when their employees want to be there and enjoy the work they do. Why do you spend countless hours on the court? It’s not just the trophy or title you crave; the hard work and commitment you put into the sport fuel your passion. A passionate employee is one who strives to do his or her best, doesn’t give up easily and always seeks to improve. Does that sound like your attitude toward tennis? If you can demonstrate to a hiring manager that you’ll carry the same passion you have for tennis into the workplace, that’s almost all any boss could want in an employee. Are you ready to tell your next interviewer why he should hire a tennis player?

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